Big Jim Adam grew up in a Baptist church in rural Kansas and cut his teeth as a musician by first learning old front porch Gospel tunes. He is a master storyteller, his performances rich with history and making his down-home style of blues a captivating experience where time becomes easy forgettable and being lost in the moment seems automatic.

In 2012 he took home the 1st place title at the Telluride Acoustic Blues Competition. In 2011, he was an International Blues Challenge Finalist in Memphis, TN. His vocals and guitar work can also be heard throughout the critically acclaimed 2010 PBS documentary “For Love of Liberty”, a two-part, four-hour documentary series honoring African-American servicemen and women.  As a songwriter Jim has several film credits and a couple of songs cut by Edgar Winter.  His credits include the film, "The Waterdance", which starred Wesley Snipes, Eric Stoltz and Helen Hunt, in which both his song and performance were used.  

 Big Blues Machine is a duo comprised of Big Jim Adam and Steve Rinker. Together they serve up down home style Blues soup with Jim stirring the pot with his vocals and gumbo rhythms using his guitar and foot drums to thicken the mix.  While Steve adds the spice to give it some kick, hot sauce or a dash of sweet and smooth, Steve is a master chef.  “These guys put out more quality sound then most full bands” Their sound is Delta plunk and contemporary sliding Blues and the vocals are impeccable.

Steve Rinker hails from Columbus, Ohio. He came to the Brevard County, Florida area in 1965, when his folks were transferred there, so Dad could work on the rockets at Kennedy Space Center. He has lived there ever since! Steve is a true artist with his guitar adding just the right tone, feel and groove. Steve plays with taste always working to make the song shine. He cut his teeth on acoustic guitar and dobro, but after a few years, Steve went electric! Nowadays, you can hear him play mostly electric finger-style guitar, bottleneck slide guitar, and lap steel.

Steve is always in demand both live and in the studio to perform his magic for other musicians, Steve helped on an album by his friends Bill & Eli Perras, which was reviewed by Sing Out Magazine (Vol. 52 No.1 - Spring 2008) saying: “Throughout, the duo is assisted by a collective of musicians they call the Florida Acoustic Segue Orchestra, playing stand-up bass, piano, banjo, percussion and slide. Of the performers, I was driven most to the slide work of Steve Rinker. His Dobro solo on “Housewife” is sweet and soulful with just enough sass, and his riffing with electric (lap steel?) slide on “Florida Blues” and “Paid Your Dues” really caught my ear. Great tone and sustain in all the right places.”